Team R.A.V
Season Big Brother Beta
Members Akio
Votes Against 0
HOH Wins Rykir (1)
Times Nominated 0
Veto Wins 0

Team R.A.V was an alliance formed in Big Brother Beta on Day 4 by Vee after the house blow-up a mere day prior. The other members consist of two friends of Vee, Akio and Rykir.


Team R.A.V existed long before the Big Brother house, the three members having created it after the saving of the Real and Digital Worlds and the departure of Dameon Crawford from the city. The three letters stand for each member of the team; Rykir, Akio, and Vee, with Rykir being the technical founder and Vee conceptualizing the name. The threesome came together again on Day 3 in the Big Brother House after a blow-up between Alicia, Meka and several other members of the house, ultimately putting Rykir in a spotlight 'he didn't choose to be in'. Vee felt this would be beneficial as he didn't want to see Rykir get the heat for something that didn't really affect him so much as it did his tamer. Akio was apprehensive as the exposed deal on Rykir's part put his girlfriend at risk but after some conversing and reassurance that Kurai's name was no longer on the table, he agreed to the alliance.


Team R.A.V's strategy was to utilize the bonds they have with the other houseguests to guarantee that not only the three make it through to the end but also their girlfriends; for Rykir it's Soba and Kelly Keys, for Vee it's Natsume, and for Akio it is Kurai Crawford. Understanding well that their ties to the Crawfords made them hard to trust with the other members of the house, Akio and Vee also worked with Rykir so that the latter would keep them and their girls safe if a non-Crawford wins Head of Household and vice versa if a Crawford wins for Rykir, Kelly, and Soba.

They also agreed to not revealing this alliance to the girls so they could avoid the word possibly being spread.